Feeling alone? I get it! Thankfully, social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. This is a list of resources for staying connected while social distancing.

I leveraged my experience as a digital nomad (and former homeschooler) to build this list. It includes some tips & tricks I’ve learned along the way, handy tools and platforms, and recommendations from my friends.

Did I miss something that’s helpful for you? Drop me a note! I’m looking to add more options to this list.

Staying Connected While Social Distancing



Resources for Staying Connected

Let’s start with the obvious: be the first one to reach out.

My favorite way is to send a text. Sometimes I will switch it up and send an email or a Facebook message. I *very* rarely call anyone… But, maybe you’re different. Find the way that works for you!

Remember, your friends and family might be feeling too overwhelmed to reach out or respond… but, your note won’t go unnoticed. 

Here are a few other ways you can stay connected.

Schedule a Video Call
  • Start by finding a time that works for all of you. Here are a few handy scheduling tools to make that easy:
  • Then, choose your platform. There are lots of video calling options available. Here are a few I’ve used:
    • Hangouts
    • Houseparty (more on this one below!) 
    • Skype
    • WhatsApp
    • Zoom
  • Finally, join the call. …Yes. Do it. I know you’re wearing 3 day-old pajamas; but, maybe they are too. Either way, talking with another human will help you get out of your head. 
Watch a Movie Together

Netflix Party is a chrome extension that makes it easy to watch movies with your friends and family. Gone at the days where you need to synchronize pressing play or tell Jacob to mute for the 5th time. 

EDIT 5/15/2020: Honestly, I’ve been using Metastream. It can be a little clunky (sometimes you need to just restart to make sure you’re watching the same episode) — but, it seems to be working alright.

EDIT 3/22/2020: Looks like Netflix party is experiencing some issues. They think it will all be fixed on 3/24/2020; but, recommend waiting until then to install. In the meantime, I’ve heard good things about Metastream and will be trying it tonight… Let’s see if it works! 

Play a Game Together
  • Low-key Party Games
    • Here’s where Houseparty comes back into play (pun definitely intended!) You can play games with your friends and family while video chatting. Pretty cool! 
    • EDIT 4/16/20: you can play Code Names for free athorsepaste.com
    • EDIT 4/2/20: Jackbox party is giving away Drawful 2 .
    • EDIT 4/2/20: Play card games with your friends on PlayingCards.io
    • EDIT 4/2/20: Get a few friends together to play some Trivia with GoosesQuizzes on Twitch
  • Multiplayer Video Games
    • Use one of the schedulers (above) if you need to and hop onto your gaming system (PS4, Xbox, PC, etc) with your friends. 
  • Boardgames
    • Dicebreaker put together this awesome and detailed list of online options. 
Have a Jam Session

Jamkazam lets you and your friends play music together. I haven’t used this interface myself (since I’m not much of a musician); but, I’ve heard that this platform works just fine.

NOTE: It’s important to remember that the sound quality is dependant on the equipment you and your friends have. 

Share on a Private Forum
  • Setting Up a Forum
    • It’s pretty simple to get one set up. Here are a few options for you.
      • Facebook (private) groups gives you a lot of flexibility to share photos and videos, create events, polls, and watch parties. But, everyone needs to have a Facebook account to be able to access it. 
      •  Forumotion isn’t an option I’ve really played with; but, it’s highly rated and doesn’t require a Facebook account. 
  • Leveraging the Forum 
    • In my family, we write a post asking for “Happies and Crappies!” Then the rest of the family responds with the good and bad things that have happened lately. 
    • Another idea is to share cute pictures and memes that made you smile.  
    • You could also set up trivia by using polling features and announcing correct answers in the comments. 
    • Really, there’s a whole lot of options. Find the way you want to leverage your forum and go with it! 


Ultimately, there are lots of ways to stay connected while social distancing. Maybe yours is to text “good morning” to your friend every day. Find what works for you and go for it! 

I’ll keep updating this page as I find more tools, tips, and tricks. 

In the meantime, is there another resource you’ve been using that you love? Join our community and share it!


PS I’m not getting paid to promote any of these links.