TRAVELLER: Pirates of Drinax

Grounded in the extreme realities of space, this RPG leaves room for unexpected consequences. Join our group of daring pirates as they fight for their homes and families.


Noble by birth, Terrica has rejected the matriarchal line and the destiny her mother demands to explore life as a merchant. But, disaster strikes and after losing everything Terrica finds themselves adrift.

Until, invited by the king of Drinax to serve as privateers (for a kingdom no other nation recognizes), Terrica joins their ride-or-die partner Val, their partner in diplomatic crime The Harlock, and a new… entirely unpredictable Severance to bring glory back to Drinax.

From murder, to crashes, and unexpected parents, the chaos never seems to end.

Season 2 is coming! 


Fridays starting March 31st
7 PM Eastern


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Creating art isn’t about getting it perfect or even getting close. It’s about relishing the creation process and developing something that draws emotion. That’s what I aim for every time I step forward.