This apocalypse inspired flash fiction was a submission to Boxing with Pencils  — a challenge that requires all stories to be 100 words or less while including 3 specific words. 
This week’s words: 
Puppet, Piano, Potato
Apocalypse Inspired Flash Fiction

Image by Michael Gaida

A bright warmth fills my chest as I stare at my creation. Pachelbel’s Canon gently swirling around me. 

My fingers dance across the ivory piano keys from my imagination. Each note a beautiful memory. The music swells. 

I can see my sister now. That smile on her face. Her anthem echos off the damp cave walls.  

The last notes fade as my potato-powered battery dies. I turn back to the monster who took her from me. With blood-stained hands I pick up the wires strung through his limbs.

“Time to dance, Puppet.” My voice sounds kind. My fingers won’t be.

Hi there!

I really enjoy flash fiction with a twist. There is something delightful about having my assumptions of a story flipped in a line or two. So I decided to play with that style in this week’s apocalypse inspired flash fiction. What do you think? Did it work? 

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