New Worshiper

Inspired by the Boxing with Pencils challenge, these stories must be less than 100 words and include 3 random words.

This Week’s 3 Randomly Generated Words:


Thin spirals of green smoke trailed after Ambition’s fingers as She traced them across the transparent map. Each spiral a new worshiper ready to give up sleep, food, and family just to avoid limbo. Just to BE someone.

Suddenly, Her finger lingered. Her dark eyes gleamed. This. This was more interesting.

In a moment, Loki’s daughter was there. Smiling back at Dale as he pushed his bill through his shell.

“Hello, little one.” Her smile, a razor-sharp collection of teeth, stretched to Her temples.

She stroked the duck’s downy feathers. “Have you heard of the NBA?”

I hope you enjoyed this little snip-it of goddess inspired flash fiction. Ambition (as far as I can tell) is a figment of my imagination. Loki, on the other hand, is a trickster god from Norse mythology and (of course!) a character in Marvel’s universe. Also, thanks to Darrin Simpson for use of his character: Dale!