A Moment of Connection

Inspired by the Boxing with Pencils challenge, these stories must be less than 100 words and include 3 random words.

This Week’s 3 Randomly Generated Words:


Claire drummed her notes into the tablet: “Sighted at 23:49 Jan 15, 2301.” Her eye stayed glued to the telescope as she watched a single white streak fly across her vision.

Fingers stilled. Breath paused. Claire whispered, “Jessie….”

Her heart thudded in her ears– the only sound in the inky darkness of the planetarium. Claire willed herself not to grip the telescope– not to jitter it– as she tracked the rocket across the night sky.

From a million miles away Jessie pressed a hand against the cold metal hull. “Hello, my Dove.” She whispered quietly.

These last couple of weeks (months?!) have been rough. I’m sure I’m not the only one who misses a low key evening of in-person chill time with friends or lovers. So, when I saw these three random words that’s where my brain landed first. I landed in this place of missing that connection… Then imaging this future where those connections were so strong they could link people who are worlds apart. If you already know how to make this happen– I’d love to hear about it!