Betting Against War

Inspired by the Boxing with Pencils challenge, these stories must be less than 100 words and include 3 random words.

This Week’s 3 Randomly Generated Words:


The sun blisters the sky into fragments of orange and red as I wait. My fingers drum against my leg. Sweat slides down my back.

A twig snaps as Kat, caked in mud, emerges from the woods with a wry grin.

“One more minute and you would have owed me that dollar.” Then, I can’t help it, “I’m glad you’re safe.”

“I know.” Kate steps forward to pull me close.

My fears slide away with a shudder. I bury my face into my wife’s muddy coat.


The bets make war feel like a game… but, we’re never fooled.

My first ever Flash Fiction! I hope you enjoyed this brief glance at a tender moment.