Taking a moment to breathe doesn’t stop the world from crumbling. But, it can make it easier to pick up the pieces.
Inspired by Boxing with Pencils: a challenge that requires all stories to be 100 words or less while including 3 specific words. 
This week’s randomly generated words: 
Pigeon, Accountant, Trolley

A moment to breathe

Zane slammed the window open and stared at the pale sky. Pigeons cooed softly nearby. He pinched his nose between his fingers and sighed– firmly turned away from the desk strewn with his accountant’s notes and the mass of red numbers.

A blast of icy air made his cheeks tingle and the dull ache in his head fade. The pale blue sky liquified into a rosy pink. Zane rested his head on the window frame and inhaled the crisp, clean morning.

The clack, clack of the trolley rattled past the alley and broke the spell. Back to work.


Hi there!

So much of the world feels uncertain right now. There are a thousand different challenges that we are facing. There is no way we can stop fighting for equality and creating solutions.

That’s why now, more than ever, we need to remember to take that moment to breathe. Find a new center. Relish a minute of vibrant sunrise. Then get right back to it! 

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