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What My Clients Want

After years of investing in their homes, taking care of their furry family, and building the place they love, it can be hard to feel comfortable leaving all of that in the hands of a stranger. 

My clients want to enjoy their time away without worrying about what they will come home to. 

They want to be able to drop their bags, hug their pets, and relax in a sparkling clean home when they get back. 

Experience, Communication, Cleanliness

What Quality Care Looks Like

It starts with clear communication based on your needs. Then it includes experience with the unique needs of your home, pet, and plants. Finally, quality care includes keeping your home clean so that you can stay relaxed when you return. 

Consider asking yourself these questions to find out what Quality Care looks like for you: 

  • What care does my pet need every day to be happy and healthy?
  • How much do I want to see or hear about how my pet is doing? 
  • How do I keep my plants looking bright and healthy? 
  • What do I need to do around the house to keep it up to my standards? 

Specialized care

not every housesit is the same

Areas of expertise 


Indoor & outdoor plants

Deep & Daily Cleaning

Cats & Dogs

Minor Repairs


Some farm animals


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Finding the Best Fit

How I Handle Housesits

Knowing that we click and I have the experience you need is important to me. Because then I know that I can deliver above and beyond your expectations.

These four pillars stand on the foundation of communication. 

Using the skills I’ve developed through training and experience, I will be happy to share as much as or as little detail about what is happening at home while you are relaxing on holiday. 


Homeowner Experience

There are lots of little repairs that I’ve learned to manage without calling a repair man. 

The Cat Whisperer

One of my favorite compliments from an amazing homeowner! 

Greenest of Thumbs

From transplanting to nourishing, I love to see plants thrive under my touch.

Cleaner is happier

It’s rare that I leave dishes in the sink at night. When the place I’m taking care of is clean, I feel at peace.

How I care 

More Than Travel 

There are thousands of housesitters out there who can do a sufficient job. Especially now (as folks are excited to resume exploring the world) the market has been flooded with eager, young people who want to explore the bars and sites of your area.

But, I’m not looking to deliver average care. I want to explore the trails and live the true experience of your area by taking quality care of your home, pets, and plants.

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